September is a great time for action.


I guess we just never grow out of the “back to school” feeling. No matter how many years (or decades) fill the gap between us and the days of academic calendars, September continues to hold its reputation for being a great time to turn a new leaf and kick start new projects.

Here at Do Nation we see a flurry of campaigns launch every September, and this year looks to be no different.

In addition to the ‘back to school’ feeling, there is also a whole plethora of events to hook a Do Nation behaviour change campaign around. No, I’m not talking about National Cupcake Week or International Talk Like a Pirate Day, although they too fall in September.  I’m talking about:

So whether you’re looking to encourage sustainable transport, reduce office waste, or promote healthier living – September has it all.  It’s an ideal time to engage your staff in new healthy, environmentally friendly habits through a Do Nation pledge campaign.

Get started and create your campaign now.

B Corps Lead the way.

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Following the great success of our B Corp / Good Deeds Day challenge in April, we’ll also be running another challenge for B Corps throughout September: which B Corp’s staff can make (and keep!) the most pledges?

If you’re looking to drive engagement and awareness around the Sustainable Development Goals then this is a great opportunity for you. By encouraging staff to take personal action towards the SDGs, you’ll get conversations and ideas flowing like never before. Read more on why we think this is important, and download our overview of how we’ll be tying in with the SDGs.

All B Corps taking part in the September Challenge will be listed on our B Corp Hub page and will be in for a chance to win a great prize. Naturally, terms and conditions apply… read below for details.

Register your interest now.

The joyous small print:

1. The September competition is open to any Certified B Corps running campaigns on Do Nation any time during September 2017.

2. The competition is based on pledges recorded on Do Nation between 1st and 30th September 2017.

3. In order to be eligible for the prize, your organisation must be on Do Nation Pro. More info on pricing and features.

4. If your organisation is already featured on the B Corp Leaderboard, you may participate even if you’re not subscribed to Do Nation Pro. Your employees pledges will contribute towards your leaderboard standing, but you will not be eligible for the prize.

5. Prizes are TBC, watch this space.

6. Prizes will be awarded to participating organisations on the following basis:

  • Initial prize: The organisation that is subscribed to Do Nation Pro who records the most pledges per person between 1st and 30th September 2017. That is, the total number of pledges divided by the total number of employees (as calculated through the number of users added to your programme through your Manage Users portal, or employees listed in your B Corp assessment).  This will be awarded on 2nd October 2017.
  • Final prize: The organisation that completes the most pledges per person, based on pledges made between 1st and 30th September 2017. This will be awarded on 8th December, by which time all users will have had a chance to confirm their pledge progress.

7. We may create additional categories and prizes – for example, for specific sizes of company, depending on demand. If we do, we’ll notify participants.

Register your interest now.

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