B Corps Do Good – Fact.

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At Do Nation, we’re all about engaging people – your employees – in sustainability.

Since certifying as a B Corp ourselves, we’ve worked with many others, from Pukka Herbs to Triodos Bank, helping them to actively engage their staff in healthy and environmentally friendly actions. We saw such interest from B Corps that we decided to create a B Corp hub on Do Nation, so that we can see the collective impact we’re creating (while injecting a bit of friendly competition too!).  

Through this, we’re also helping the wider employee base to feel more involved in the B Corp movement itself.

We wanted to delve into the data to see what impact we’d created together. Many of the pledges are still in progress, only once they’ve been completed will we know the full extent of the impact we’ve created. But here are eight highlights that the data shows us so far…

B Corp Hub page on Do Nation

1. B Corps do good, in more ways than one. Their staff are eager to get stuck in and Do – resulting in far higher participation rates than amongst other Do Nation programmes. Average participation rate in Do Nation programmes is 39%; this jumps to 67% amongst B Corps. B Corp participants are also more active, making 4.7 pledges each on average, compared to our site-wide average of 2.5.

2. B Corps keep their word – with users returning after two months to confirm they’d completed a whopping 72% of their pledges – that’s 27% higher than our site average.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 18.45.11.png

3. B Corps go bananas – or more accurately, their employee’s pledges have saved as much carbon as is produced by producing, shipping, and selling over 1 million of the nation’s favourite yellow fruit.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 17.18.16.png

4. B Corps make a swift cuppa – no dilly dallying, waiting for an over-filled kettle to boil here. By far and away the most popular pledge amongst B Corps has been Tea time – with 79 people pledging to only boil what they need – that’s 6% of all pledges.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 18.46.56.png

5. B Corps dress smart – since being introduced as a Do Action on 1st September,  Clothes call has stormed up the Do Action charts, making up for a weighty 10% of all pledges last month. I wouldn’t be surprised if it overtakes Tea time soon…  

(As a side note – it’s encouraging for us to see that Tea time and Clothes call are so popular, as they are our two sponsored Do Actions, being supported by Pukka Herbs and WRAP / Love Your Clothes, respectively. Sponsorship clearly helps to raise their profile; if you’re interested in supporting one of our Do Actions, please do get in touch).

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 18.48.21.png

6. B Corps aren’t fans of video conferencing – or at least, not a single B Corp employee pledged to swap a journey for a call. This is highly unusual – it’s usually one of the more popular actions amongst workplaces. Perhaps they’re ahead of the game and video conferencing is already well ingrained? Or perhaps they value face-to-face relationships too much for calls?

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 18.48.59

7. B Corps support the Global Goals – B Corp employees have contributed towards 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through their personal actions. The most heavily supported SDG is #12 (Responsible Consumption)  – given that one of its targets is around sharing of information and advice on sustainable lifestyles. Spot on! But #13 (Climate Action) and #3 (Good Health and Well-being) are also very relevant to many of our Do Actions. The only SDGs that our Do Actions don’t touch on yet are #5 (Gender Equality), #9 (Infrastructure), and #16 (Peace).

8. Power to the Veg! – Of all our 57 Do Actions, the one that contributes to the most SDGs is Veg out – making meat a treat. It ties in with seven of the SDG targets. Following Veg out are our personal-development themed Do Actions such as Voice up and Feed your noodle, contributing to six targets each.

Download our full report on the impact of B Corps using Do Nation.  We can create a report similar to this, tailored to your own organisation’s programme, if you sign up to our Do Nation Pro+Support package.

Why not join us for our January 2018 challenge?

Collectively, how much impact can we create through our simple, individual, resolutions in the new year? Take inspiration from our award winning New Year’s programme with Hill+Knowlton Strategies, download the case study now.

To find out more, just drop us a line.


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