Switching for Good

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Imagine this: you’re given £619* to donate to either a Welsh wind farm or a Saudi oil company. Which you would you rather? How about a Dorsetshire school’s solar panel, or American coal?

If you’re currently buying your home energy from one of the big six energy suppliers, you’re giving your money to companies who’ll invest it in dirty and unsustainable forms of energy.

Why not give your money to companies who are more likely share your values, and invest it in clean, future-proof forms of energy?

Not only do the guys below offer 100% renewable tariffs, but they also top the leaderboards for customer service. AND – as if you need more motivation – they make a donation to Do Nation each time someone switches using the links given below. That helps us to keep growing our impact, reaching more and more people.

Bulb – the new kids on the block, bringing energy supply into the tech era, and slashing costs as a result – they’re one of the cheapest suppliers on the market, and our users have been raving about them. Their energy is a mix of hydro and biofuels.


Good Energy – they support community-owned renewables across the UK of all forms, meaning that your bills are likely to be invested into super local generation.



Ecotricity – turning bills into mills is the motto they live by. Wind energy is their game, they’ve been investing in wind farms across Britain for over 20 years.



Some common questions:


1. Aren’t green tariffs loads more expensive? Nope, Bulb are one of the cheapest suppliers on the market.

2. I rent, so I’ll have to ask my landlord: Not usually, nope.

3. Switching takes ages, right? Shouldn’t do. A quick call or one form, and the rest is done for you. It might take a few weeks for your old and new suppliers to tie all the ends up, but they’ll take care of that for you.

4. Will my energy be as reliable as my current supplier? The energy that enters your house will be just the same as it was before. The only thing that changes is who ends up with your money, and what they do with it.

Please use the links above to switch, or if calling mention Do Nation recommended you. This allows them to unlock a donation to Do Nation, which costs you nothing but means a helluva lot to us.

For more information, head over to our Clean your bills page.

* This is the cost of the average annual electricity bill in the UK. (Source: BEIS)

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