B Corps for World Environment Day


B Corps – the next Do Nation challenge is on!

Around World Environment Day (5th June), which B Corp’s employees can make (and keep!) the most pledges for the planet?  Can we reach 3,000 pledges together?

The aim:

Once again, we’re asking you to get your employees in on the sustainability game, involving them in the B Corp community through their simple, personal actions. Whether they pledge to avoid unnecessary plastic, waste less food, or cycle to work, or one of our other 57 Do Actions – it will all feed in to the B Corp hub on Do Nation, helping us to measure the collective impact B Corps are having.

The challenge:

We’ll also be injecting a bit of friendly competition by pitting B Corps against each other to see who’s employees take the most action around World Environment Day2018.

The B Corp who tops the leaderboard (based on completed pledges per person) will receive a complementary Do Nation impact report.


How it works:

For more information about how our employee pledge campaigns work, including the pricing and features on offer, download our brochure. You might also want to take a look at our case study from Pukka Herbs.

Next steps:

Here’s how to get cracking:

  1. Create a campaign and organisation profile (unless you already have one). We’d recommend doing this before 5th June.
  2. Upgrade to Pro or Plus. This will allow us to add you to the B Corp hub page, while also unlocking the ability to customise your campaign a bit more, access reporting dashboards, create internal leaderboards, and more. Prices start from £1 / employee / month – full details of the fees and features can be found in our brochure.
  3. Invite your colleagues to make a pledge or two. Simple! We’ll provide you with some tools to help with this too.

Of course, you’re also welcome to drop me a line if you’d like to find out more.

The timeline:

Closing date for pledges is 29th June. Of course, pledges can be made at any time after that, they just won’t count towards the challenge.

* NB. We have extended this deadline to give time for more organisations to sign up.*

The details / T&Cs:

  • B Corps already on the leaderboard will by default remain there, even if they’re no longer on an active Pro or Plus subscription. However, they will not be eligible for the complementary report unless they upgrade.
  • The competition is based on pledges made between 1st May 2018 and 29th June 2018.
  • The winner will be selected on 7th September, based on the B Corp who’s employees have completed the most of their WED pledges. It will be calculated on a ‘pledges per person’ basis, balancing for different company sizes.

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