B Corp Pledge Challenge: the New Year’s edition.


UPDATE: We’ve extended the deadline for signing up to 15th February!

For those of you who were at the B Corp retreat this summer, you’ll know that if it wasn’t for B Corps, Do Nation probably wouldn’t still be around. You’ll know how much I love working with businesses like you who share our passion and drive for using business as a force for good. And how when it comes to B Corps, it’s more true than ever that small actions add up to make a big difference.

That’s why I’ve decided to run another B Corp challenge this January, helping to build a sense of the movement’s impact with your staff, allowing all members of B Corp teams to feel like an active part of this amazing community.

What is the B Corp Pledge Challenge?

As with any other organisation, B Corps can use Do Nation to run pledge challenges with their staff. Pledges to do simple Do Actions, things like cycling to work, avoiding unsustainable palm oil, or using a reusable cup.

How many pledges can your staff make together, and how much carbon can they save? Which team can complete the most pledges? Impact measurement and friendly team competition are two key features offered by Do Nation’s pledge platform.

The B Corp pledge challenge adds an extra level to this – not only pitting teams within a business against each other, but also pitting B Corps against other B Corps. In doing so, it allows us to demonstrate the combined impact that B Corp staff are having through their personal commitments.

So far, over 2,400 pledges have been made by B Corps on Do Nation, saving as much carbon as over 10 million cups of tea!

Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 19.02.35

Why January?

With New Year’s resolutions front of mind, January is a great time to ask employees to make a pledge for the planet. Especially as so many of them have strong health and wellbeing benefits too.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 17.46.20

Not only that, but it also leads neatly in to B Corp month…

How does this tie in with B Corp month? 

Through January, your employees will be recording their pledges. Pledges on Do Nation are to try an action for two months, which means that they’ll all be carrying out their pledges through February – B Corp month.

This gives them something really tangible to shout about, both face to face and on social media, helping to raise awareness of B Corps in the process. We see that on average, users talk to 6 – 7 people about their pledges and their organisation’s Do Nation campaign – it really gets conversations going.

B Corp pledge tweets.png

Is there a prize?! 

Yes, there most definitely is…

We’ll give a complementary impact report to the B Corp who’s staff complete the most pledges (on a ‘per-employee’ basis, to level things out). Aside from the impact already available through your dashboards (carbon, water, and waste saved, etc), this impact report will also dig into the impact it has had on your staff’s health, wellbeing, and pride, and what SDGs they’ve contributed towards. Lovely.

Who else is taking part?

We’ve got a bunch of B Corps on board already, and lots more on their way…

b corp jan logos v2

How much does it cost?

Subscriptions start at £10 / month. Our Pro subscription is £1 / employee / month, and we recommend a minimum subscription of three months.

There is also a Plus option that includes a bit more customisation and more detailed impact reporting, as well as account management support from me. We really recommend this option to any organisations with more than 50 employees; drop me a line for more info.

How do we get involved?

Simple: register interest here and I’ll send over info on getting set up.

It’d be best to create your campaigns before Christmas so that you’re all ready to go when you’re back in January, but the time needed to prepare really depends on your size. The process of setting up takes just minutes, but within a larger organisation, it’s the comms strategy that may require a bit more time to plan.

Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 19.33.27

Download PDF version of this flyer here: B Corp New Years Challenge 2019

Full details on T&Cs can be found here.


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