Carrie & Sheri ‘Everest’ the Chamonix VK

carri and sheri do tees distant

Last month, Sheri and Carrie did something truly nuts: they hiked up Chamonix’s infamously gruelling Vertical Kilometre – ten times. In one day.

To put that in context, that’s like hiking up Snowdon eight times. Or up Primrose Hill 421 times. Or Everest, once.

Why?!  We caught up with them to ask exactly that.

So yes, both Carrie and Sheri are suckers for a challenge, and with no one having attempted to Everest Chamonix’s iconic VK before, the allure of the opportunity to bag a ‘first’ was tempting.

But they were also doing it for a wider cause.  With views of receding glaciers serving as daily reminders of climate change, and with Sheri soon to set off on Exxpedition, an all female sailing voyage with a focus on ocean plastics, plastics and our planet’s health were weighing heavily on their mind.

So they asked their friends and family to support them with a pledge for the planet. Simple.

Here’s a summary of the impact that they clocked up together:

  • 77 pledges made
  • 383 water bottles avoided through people pledging to do Tap it.
  • 201 coffee cups through You mug.

And they saved as much carbon as…


As if 17 hours and 45 minutes of climbing wasn’t enough, Sheri’s already working on getting Carrie to commit to doing an Everest every year until they’re 70…! Watch this space!

A few more handy links:


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