innocent drinks: a case study


Last January, innocent drinks came back to run their third employee pledge challenge on Do Nation, this time asking their people to make a pledge for the planet as part of their New Year’s Resolutions. Their case study is now live.

Over 1,000 pledges were made, with 45% of those turning into long term habits. As a result, they totally smashed their target of saving 375,000 bananas worth of carbon. 

The team in Milan (above) hosted regular vegan office lunches, using leftovers to treble up on pledges (Cook social, Cheesed off, and Eat up).

Gareth even felt inspired to get his allotment back in action, through his Green fingers pledge:



Download the full case study.

Sign up to our webinar on 11th November to hear how you can follow in innocent’s (low carbon) footprints. We also hosted a webinar specifically for B Corps on 6th November, which you can watch here.

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