B Corp 2020 Pledge Challenge – results update


Earlier this year, 158 people working for B Corps across the UK came together in climate action, making simple pledges to do some of our Do Actions as their new year’s resolutions.

Here’s a brief summary of the impact they clocked up together.

First things first, the most popular actions were:

  1. Clothes call: together, 1721 items of unwanted clothing were donated to charity shops
  2. Eat up: together, 8,058 meals worth of food waste were avoided
  3. Veg out: together, 446 chickens-worth of meat were saved

popular actions

Two months after recording their pledges (and right in the midst of COVID-19 lock down), users returned to confirm that they’d successfully completed 46% of all pledges, with varying levels of success – as shown below. 

Success chart

Perhaps most importantly, the vast majority of those pledges turned into long term habits. That’s what we like to see.

continue chart


Ben_circle-1-300x300Ben @ Bikmo – pledged to do Put a lid on it:

”Putting a lid on pots and pans is just habit and awareness, now I do it I can’t imagine I will stop. Also, an added bonus is that my tiles by the cooker stay much cleaner now.’


Together, these successful pledges clocked up annual savings of 37 tonnes of carbon, which is as much as is emitted by taking 515 flights from Manchester to Heathrow.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 16.13.40

Talking of flights, the Do Action that clocked up the most impact was Get grounded, with four people clocking up a whopping 5 tonnes of carbon together, through giving up a total of just 6 short haul flights.  

The most successful actions were Lights off, Shower power, and Watch, listen and learn, with success rates of 100%, 80%, and 75% respectively.

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 14.54.27

Last but not least – three B Corps deserve a special mention: 

  1. Bikmo, for completing the most pledges per employee.
  2. Green Element, for making the most pledges per employee.
  3. Danone for saving the most carbon overall – clocking up 3,960 kgCO2 savings between their UK team members.
Teresa Do Nation quote Teresa @ Bikmo pledged to do Cheesed off:

“Do Nation makes you THINK more about what you do and eat, rather than just going through life with shut eyes. Also, it’s great to keep the conversation between your team mates. Spread the word for a better world!”


Earth Day is coming up very soon, on 22nd April 2020. It’s a great time to engage employees in sustainability, and Do Nation can double up as a positive tool to help keep team morale high during the coronavirus lockdown.

So if you’d like to join our B Corp 2020 pledge challenge (or run a challenge of your own if you’re not a B Corp), why not give our free trial a go?

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