Stories of climate progress from 2021

Rewilding in Scotland

It can be easy to feel hopeless in the face of climate change. But don’t be glum chum. There’s hope in every corner, you just need to know where to look.

Here’s our round up just some of the climate-related good news stories from 2021, and the Do Actions that celebrate them.

The year year kicked off with news from MIT that hybrid planes could reduce emissions by 95%.
Pledge it: reduce air emissions Do Action, Get grounded.

Bye-bye Trump, hello Biden; the US re-joins the Paris Agreement.
Pledge it: the big hitter Do Action, Move your money.

After months of protests and petitions Europe’s first repair legislation came into effect.
Pledge it: repair and reuse with Fix it.  

Bank Holiday Monday recorded the greenest day to date with renewables providing 60% of the UK’s energy. 
Pledge it: switch to renewable energy with Clean your bills.

Shell was forced to slash global emissions by 45% by 2030 after a landmark court ruling.
Pledge it: slash your travel emissions with Drive electric.

Arid Las Vegas introduced the first ever national drought-tackling, water-saving law of its kind; a ban on ‘decorative grass’. (Lawns.)
Pledge it: save water with Shower power.

The European Union announced a ton of climate change proposals to be carbon neutral by 2050.
Pledge it: push them to do more with Voice up.

China, the world’s largest public financier of overseas coal plants, announced they will stop building overseas coal plants.
Pledge it: install solar with Sun power.

As we cycled to COP26 (raising over 5,500 climate action pledges) Paris pledged to invest €250m in adding 130km to the city’s existing 1,000km of cycle lanes, and tripling bike storage.
Pledge it: cycling Do Action, On yer bike.

Just days after the COP leaders’ declaration on Forest and Land Use, the EU drafted a law to protect the world’s forests.
Pledge it: sustainable palm oil Do Action, Well oiled.

“For the first time there is a glimmer of hope that the EU – one of the world’s biggest markets – could curb its destructive impact on the world’s forests.”

Greenpeace campaigner Sini Eräjää

And Derby council announced that Alletree Park is set to be the largest urban rewilding green space.
Pledge it: biodiversity Do Action, Let it grow.

Following pressure from consumers and government, Apple woke up to the repair-java and launched a self-repair service.
Pledge it: Share it (Fix it featured in February) Do Action, Start sharing.

And, the stop Cambo protests worked; Shell pulled out of the Cambo oil field
Pledge it: Ask your workplace to sign an open letter before January 6th to the House of Lords to protect the right to peaceful protest.

The cherry on top, during 2021 Do Nation worked with some incredible organisations and got 21,338 people engaged in everyday climate action pledges, saving 7,200 tonnes of CO2. A leap up from 2020 – we can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.

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