Action is the antidote

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It won’t come as a surprise to you that for us behaviour change nerds at Do Nation, January is our favourite month. 

The new year is so full of potential and possibility. And, importantly right now, hope.

Where’s your head at?

The climate crisis is often overwhelming and scary. And something strange happens to human brains when they’re confronted with something that’s too big to deal with. Our brains protect us by taking the easier path and ignore the issue. It’s the old head in the sand strategy.  

Contrary to popular belief, ostriches don’t bury their heads in the sand. Humans though, have got it down.

Breaking news. The head in the sand strategy doesn’t work.

In fact, it’s probably the worst thing humans can do. Especially for climate change. Not only does the problem not go away, but anxiety bubbles away under the surface. 

And we all know that doesn’t do anyone any good. 

Action is the antidote to anxiety

Facing your fears may feel scarier still, but truth is, taking action is the antidote to anxiety.

The greatest thing you can do this year is to engage or re-engage with what can be done. 

Progress is being made. So cheer yourself up with the good news, then take action in your day to day life. 

We’ll help you. Each month we’ll provide monthly Do Action-Action plans by email to help you bridge the intention-action gap.

Just see us as your renewable source of inspiration and information ; )

Vegan bowl-soul food

Do Nation at your work

Sign your workplace up to Do Nation and we’ll help your professional community work together to be more sustainable.

We’ll share knowledge in our newsletter to make it easier for you and your community to take action – just by making small changes to everyday behaviours. You’ll feel better for it and together we’ll save tonnes of CO2.

Having big impact together

Whether you use our monthly tips, take action as an individual or get your work to run a Do Nation programme, you’ll be part of a community that’s having a big impact on reducing CO2 levels, and keeping our planet-home as darn close to 1.5 degrees as possible. 

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