Why Do something this Earth Day? 

Whilst all sorts of everyday actions help tackle climate change, there is a short list of – the big hitters – that you can focus on.

Of the 20 actions identified by Project Drawdown (below), we’ve highlighted 4 for Earth Day, April 22nd, and summarised top level reasons why.

Four Do Actions for Earth Day

✈️ Stay grounded: travel by travel

🍔 Veg out: Fill your plate with more veg, less meat

🪣 Eat up: Save (lots of!) money by reducing food waste

🔥 Insulate your home: Keep energy and money in, and cold out.

Why travel by train, veg out, eat up and insulate your home

Use these compelling calls to action, along with this Earth Day Do Action Plan, to spark curiosity, conversation and action this Earth Day.

✈️ Why travel by land?

Holidays are the best. But flying has a horrid carbon footprint.

Pre-pandemic, the aviation industry burned up 5 million barrels of oil, per day, which is enough energy to heat all the homes in Birmingham and Sheffield, for a year.

Thank goodness that sandy beaches, forests, lakes and mountains are easy to get to by train or boat.

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🍔 Why reduce meat?

Clearing space to grow crops for animal feed is one of the key drivers of global deforestation. Protein-filled plants have a pea-sized footprint compared to industrially farmed meat.

Daily meat consumption in the UK has already fallen by 17% in the last decade. Woohoo. Let’s keep that trend going.

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🪣 Why cut food waste?

Business and government have a huge role to play in tackling climate change. But when it comes to food waste, individuals hold more power than anyone else. 70% of the food waste in the UK comes from happens in the home.

The average family of 4 could save £60 per month by changing a few things to reduce waste.

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🔥 Why insulate your home?

The UK has lots of creaky, leaky old houses. Heat escapes through gaps and cracks, and if you can block them you’ll save energy and money.

Fun fact, 25% of heat is lost through uninsulated roofs. Insulating all UK lofts would have the same carbon impact as taking 100,000 cars off the road.

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Got they why, now ready for the how? Choose your next steps from this Earth Day Do Action Plan >

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