June Action Plan

There is so much to celebrate in June! ✨

We’re focussing in on three of our favourite global environment days:

🚴‍♀️ World Bicycle Day | Friday 3rd June
🌎 World Environment Day | Sunday 5th June
🌊 World Oceans Day | Wednesday 8th June

It’s a busy time, so we’ve put an action plan together for you to make your month simple, and impactful.

Pledge On Yer Bike 🚲 for World Bicycle Day

The power of the pedal is real – for your money, health, and the environment.

On average, you could save £3000 per year, produce zero carbon emissions, and improve your health with the exercise that comes with cycling instead of driving.

Here are some tips to get those wheels in motion:

🌱 New to it 🌱

Source a bike and helmet

Sustrans offer a great guide to the gear you may need, and Cycling Experts can help you find gear from independent stores.

Does your workplace offer the Cycle to work scheme? If so, you could save around 32% on bikes and accessories.

Be safe

Cycling can be daunting at first, however don’t worry, there is plenty of guidance to get you on your way.

🤸🏽 Doing it 🤸🏽

Maintain your bike

It’s important to keep your bike up to scratch for your safety, and the environment. Here are 11 things to help maintain your bike and accessories.

🙌 Done it 🙌

Try a no fly holiday and go by bicycle with these Top 10 European cycling holidays.

Learn more about cycling >

Pledge Move Your Money 🤑 for World Environment Day

Money doesn’t make the world go round, it shapes it.

Banks, pension schemes, and investment companies have an immense part to play in whether our money is invested in a fossil-fuelled world, or a sustainable future.

You have the power to make your money count for our climate with these following tips:

🌱 New to it 🌱

Do your research

Get to grips with the most ethical current accounts.

Choose the best home for your savings.

Change your bank

Once you’re in the know, switch to put your money into action.

It’s easy and quick (within 7 days):

  1. Open a new account with your chosen bank
  2. Request to switch – provided your old and new banks are signed up to Current Account Switch Service (most are), the switching service do it all for you – move your money, direct debits and standing orders across, ensure that payments meant to go into your old account go into the new one (such as your salary), and close your old account.

🤸🏽 Doing it 🤸🏽

Make your pension positive with this guide to ethical pensions:

  1. Many pension schemes have ‘green’ or ‘ethical’ fund option you can select.
  2. If you are not satisfied with your current schemes sustainability stand point, switch.

🙌 Done it 🙌

Invest in a green future with this guide to ethical investment funds.

Put your money where your mouth is – with your newfound knowledge, why not spark up an ethical banking conversation with friends or family.

Learn more about moving your money >

Pledge Fish Food 🐟 for World Oceans Day

Wildlife doesn’t just walk, it swims too.

The UN says unsustainable fishing is the greatest driver of marine biodiversity loss globally. 94% of global fish stocks are fully or overexploited. 

These following tips will help you choose more marine-friendly meals:

🌱 New to it 🌱

Get advice on choosing more ocean-friendly fish and seafood from the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide iPhone app

🤸🏽 Doing it 🤸🏽

The MSC has a great map of MSC certified fish & chip shops across the UK.

Swap prawns for something more home grown. Tasty as they are, prawns come with an unexpected serving of antibiotic residues, human rights abuses and the destruction of carbon-storing mangroves. This article explains all.

🙌 Done it 🙌

When in shops and restaurants, ask how your fish was caught. If the answer is dredging, bottom trawling or beam trawling, make another choice. If the person doesn’t know, maybe they can raise it with their colleagues and suppliers.

Learn more about sustainable fish >

And if none of the above float your boat, browse our list of 60+ Do Actions and find an action that suits you.

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