September Action Plan

September can be a fresh start; back to school, refreshed from the holidays.

Though it doesn’t seem that the action stopped over the summer – 155,191 pledges have been made so far. That’s the equivalent of 251,010 London to Paris flights’ worth of carbon πŸ˜…

Let’s step it up for September – our small actions really are making a difference.

Coming up in September is:

🚘 World car free day – 21st September
♻️ Recycle week (UK) – 7th – 13th September
πŸ₯• Organic September (UK) – All month
πŸ’š Great big green week (UK) – 24th September – 2nd October

To make the most of these days, why not try out the actions below and go big this September πŸ‘‡

Pledge Tin Tin ♻️ for Recycle Week!

Did you know that recycling one drinks can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours? And when tins are made from recycled aluminium a WHOPPING 95% less energy is used than creating tins from raw materials*.

We can make a big difference if we make recycling a priority.

🌱 New to it 🌱

  • Wash your empty jars, tins, and bottles before putting them into the recycling – this will reduce the risk of contaminating a batch of recycling so that it doesn’t go to landfill.

🀸🏽 Doing it 🀸🏽

  • Encourage others in your household or community to recycle with these handy tips.
  • Read into what can be recycled in your area with Recycle Now

πŸ™Œ Done it πŸ™Œ

Learn more about recycling >

Pledge to Choose OrganicπŸ₯•for a deliciously Organic September!

We proudly present our new Do Action launched this month (September 2022). If you are a Plus or Enterprise customer, get in touch with your account manager if you would like this action to be added to your action list.

Non-organic farming methods account for about 99% of global agriculture, and use CO2 emitting fossil fuel-based fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides which kill wildlife and pollute our environment*. We have to change this.

Organic farming can increase wildlife by up to 50%, reduce the impact of flooding and droughts, and store more C02 in the ground*. The produce really does make us healthier too – organic cereals, fruit and vegetables were found with up to 68% more antioxidants than non-organic*.

🌱 New to it 🌱

  • Choose organic products in the shop – most big supermarkets have an organic range now, such as SO organic at Sainsburys. Not sure what to choose? Follow our organic shopping quick guide.

🀸🏽 Doing it 🀸🏽

  • Shop in local organic stores or get a veg box delivery – use this map to find some closest to you!
  • Order an organic fruit and veg box – it’ll most likely be delivered to your door!

πŸ™Œ Done it πŸ™Œ

Do More πŸ’ͺ for the Great Big Green week!

42% of UK’s carbon emissions are produced by individual’s actions – that’s big! Every pledge you make counts, so let’s do more.

🌱 New to it 🌱

🀸🏽 Doing it 🀸🏽

  • Become a Do Nation champion – lead a Do Nation team to get people pledging!
  • Tell your friends – your friends are more likely to make a pledge if they hear about your success. Shout about it!

πŸ™Œ Done it πŸ™Œ

  • Confirm your pledge(s) – if you have already completed your pledges, make sure to confirm them. Follow the instructions in the emails or log into your profile to let us know how you did.

  • Volunteer – pledge voluntary time to support an environmental project that will save even more carbon!

Learn more about doing more>

Waste not, want not πŸ˜‹ pledge to Eat up this month!

Worldwide 30% of food is wasted* and this waste is responsible for 8-10% of greenhouse gas emissions. If we take action by shifting the way we consume, how we cook, and advocate for more sustainable agricultural practices, we can change this.

🌱 New to it 🌱

  • Eat what’s in your fridge, fruit bowl, and cupboards – you’ll save money and food! Here are some store cupboard recipes.

  • Buy and cook less with this portion planner or by planning ahead.

🀸🏽 Doing it 🀸🏽

  • Watch this video – learn more so that you can share the importance of this pledge.

  • Learn how to store your food with these tips.

πŸ™Œ Done it πŸ™Œ

  • Pledge to Cook social – when we cook together, we’re less likely to waste our food.

  • Choose organic and fair trade certified products– organic practices improve soil quality which can improve crop yeilds and reduce waste. Fair trade certifications take into account agricultural practices too.

Learn more about Eating up>

And if none of the above suit you, browse our list of 60+ Do Actions for more!

There’s something for everyone, no matter where you are on your sustainability journey.

What is Do Nation?

Do Nation is a pledge programme that helps engage employees in sustainability at work, via sustainable behaviour change at work and at home. We help organisations engage their employees in sustainability strategies and goals by drawing on the power of community, connection, friendly competition and behaviour change science. Our pledge programmes run for 3 months to 3 years and are proven to reduce carbon, water and waste whilst increasing employee pride, fitness and wellbeing.

Find out more

Find out how we can help you engage your people in sustainability.Β Book a 15 call to learn more >


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