Do Nation partners with Ride to Zero! 

Do Nation has joined forces with sustainability ambassador Ali Abdo to support his record-breaking, awareness-raising electric bike ride to COP27.

We are so excited to announce Do Nation as the chosen platform partner to support the world record attempt for the longest journey by electric motorbike!

Ali Abdo is attempting to ride 20,000km over 3 months, arriving in Sharm El Sheikh for the opening of COP27, the UN’s annual sustainability conference, in November.

Ali is an advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals and over the course of his ride, Ride to Zero, he’ll talk to thousands of people in Egypt, helping them to understand what climate change is and they can adapt.

Sustainable development goals 7, 10, 13 and 17

At the same time, he’s gathering individual climate pledges from around the world, to spread the impact far and wide.

“I’m asking people in all over the world to back Ride to Zero by have a go at trying a small, everyday sustainable action through Do Nation – it’ll keep me motivated and show the world that individuals have the power to solve a problem as big as climate change.”

Ali Abdo, three time world record holder

Do Nation helps people make achievable carbon- and money-saving changes at home and at work from reducing food waste and cutting back on plastic, to cycling to work and wearing sustainable clothing. 

Fancy being part of this epic journey? Pledge an action on Do Nation to support Ali’s ride.

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