Saving energy at home

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Everyone is sharing tips for saving money and energy at home, and for good reason, costs are spiralling and climate change is still happening at pace.

So let’s grab on to what we can do, and try some new, climate-positive changes at home that will make also help keep our bills down this winter.

The following our practical tips and pledge to save money, waste and energy at home.

Good to meet you

Do Nation Action plans are designed to meet you wherever you are on your sustainability and climate action path.

Step 1 is for you if…
You are new to this sustainability thing. Maybe you know a bit, and want to do your bit, but you’re not sure how to get started.

Step 2 is for you if…
You’ve done a few things and you’re ready for the next step or for a bit of extra inspiration.

Step 3 is for you if….
You’re an all round eco champion. You’ve successfully switched lots of behaviours at home and at work and you’re now ready to make bigger commitments, or use your knowledge and experience to help others engage in the issue and solutions.

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Save money and reduce energy at home

Saving energy at home: Step 1

  • Start with the basics. Turn off lights when you leave the room and switch off plugs.
    • Turn off kitchen appliances that have standby lights, like microwaves, and remember to unplug your laptop and phone when they are up to full charge.
  • Layer up to warm up. Find some warm slippers, chuck on an extra layer and lower your thermostat by a degree or two. Log your action by pledging Degrees cooler.
  • Follow this tip to see where draughts come in then pledge Draught busters and use our advice to stop the chills from getting in.
    • If you work from home, work as far away from draughts as possible, and work with a hot water bottle on your lap. If you can get up and move around frequently, this will help too.
  • Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need.
  • Save energy on the hob by putting the lid on your pans when cooking. Or use a microwave for cheaper, faster results.
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Saving energy at home: Step 2

  • Make the most of your heating by reflecting the heat from your radiators into your room more, with Rad reflections. 
  • You lose up to 25% of heating energy through the roof, so see if you can insulate your home and pledge lag your loft.
  • Pledge shower power and take cooler, shorter showers to save more energy and money.
  • Start a batch cooking club and pledge to Cook social.
    • Get 3-6 friends, colleagues and neighbours to agree to cook a batch one weekend.
    • Everyone whips up a big batch of food, portions it out and shares it the next day, or later (freezers come in handy here).
    • Everyone gets a number of meals for the week and you only cooked once!
    • Bonus points for using a slow cooker or pressure cooker to make your batch, then using a microwave for re-heating.
Photo by Alesia Kozik

Saving energy at home: Step 3

  • Already taken actions to insulate your home and reduce energy? Time to bring out the big moves:
  • Pledge Voice up and tell leaders – at work or your politicians – how you feel and ask them to push for change.
    • Tell them in person if you can, or by email or letter if not. Set out the issue clearly and be clear what action you want from them.
    • Good luck!

And then what?

Follow our tips on sticking with new habits, and see browse our full list of Do Actions. There’s something for everyone!

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What is Do Nation?

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Do Nation help organisations engage their employees in sustainability strategies and goals by drawing on the power of community, connection, friendly competition and behaviour change science. Our pledge programmes run for 3 months to 3 years and are proven to reduce carbon, water and waste whilst increasing employee pride, fitness and wellbeing.

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