WeGoBeyond: engaging your employees during B Corp month

This B Corp month Do Nation are inviting impactful businesses to come together to show the world how #WeGoBeyond expectations and make a mark on the world.

Do Nation have put together a bespoke, quick and easy-to-implement B Corp Month employee engagement package so our fellow B Corps can have maximum impact and engagement this B Corp month.

Sign up asap to benefit from this, and join B Corps including Pukka herbs, Standing on Giants, Vita Coco, Graze, X+Why, and DISRUPT Agency.

Bringing B Corps together for collective impact

B Corp month is the time to come together, have some fun, and create some serious impact!

Organisations invest a lot in certification and want to get the most from it. Bringing employees onboard – by helping them understand what it means to be a B Corp, showing them how to B the difference, and engaging them in sustainable behaviour change – is essential.

We all know climate change is scary, and here. But there is solace in our data; sustainable acts make people feel good and more connected (see our 2021 impact report).

Together we are mighty.

B Corp month and the bottom line

Whether your organisation is small, big, old or new, each employee is an ambassador. Employee engagement is not a nice to have, it’s vital for survival.

Do Nation is here to help you with that.

Connecting employees to business sustainability goals through individual action has many benefits, including increasing employee wellbeing, pride and knowledge. Our last impact report found that:

💚 83% are more proud of their organisation after making a pledge

💚 Two thirds (68%) feel a greater sense of wellbeing

💚 72% feel part of a community making a difference together

💚 And 68% are more aware of their employers sustainability efforts.

This kind of positive engagement impacts the bottom line; engaged teams are 23% more profitable (gallup).

Reinforce your B Corp month activity by empowering your employees to take action at home and at work to protect our planet.

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Bespoke B Corp Month employee engagement package

Bring your community action and impact to life for B Corp month 2023.

To support our fellow B Corps for B Corp month 2023 to drive as much impact as possible, we’ve created a bespoke support package for B Corps to help your organisation easily run a programme, even with multiple other priorities.

  • Ready-made B Corp Month planning toolkit – timelines, templates, team leader training
  • Bespoke B Corp Month engagement resources – posters, B Corp month engagement toolkit, social templates, banner images, digital badges
  • Publicity about your good work – social media posts, shout outs in our newsletter, dedicated post for the most engaged teams
  • Dedicated B Corp Month Action Leaders Forum – a community leader training and discussion session so your team can use our learning to drive the most engagement
  • Inclusion on our B Corp community page – to show our collective impact
  • All this alongside all our usual pledge programme features, impact reporting and support.

This bespoke support package is only available to Certified and Pending B Corps that sign up to Do Nation Pro or Plus by Wednesday 15th February.

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Ready to sign up now?

If you have <100 employees you can get going straight away, just follow these steps before 15th Feb:

  1. Sign up to our free trial here
  2. Click ‘upgrade to Pro’ and enter payment details (it’s £1/employee/month, with a 3 month minimum subscription length)
  3. Follow the instructions to customise your page
  4. Upload your employees’ email addresses

We’ll be in touch in mid-Feb with the resources and a date for the light-touch team leader training (most likely Feb 27th/28th).

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How does a Do Nation pledge programme work?

B Corps use Do Nation to run pledge challenges with their employees to increase climate literacy and awareness, increase wellbeing and increase a sense of community.

  1. People pledge to try simple Do Actions for two months, like cycling to work, avoiding unsustainable palm oil, or draught-proofing your home.
  2. Behaviour change science and game design makes it fun and effective – providing information and motivation to help people change habits.
  3. Real time pledge activity + CO2 saving data galvanise people to participate and save more CO2, water and waste.
  4. In-built features and data engage people in friendly competition:
    • How many pledges can your employees make together?
    • How much carbon can they save?
    • Which team can complete the most pledges?
  5. In-platform features are complemented with programme support, including comms templates, toolkits and workshops to bring your community action and impact to life for B Corp month 2023.

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The B Corp Pledge Challenge

This year we’re inviting B Corps to go beyond and engage the not just their internal teams in a little friendly pledge challenge, but see how much impact they can have alongside other B Corps.

So far, over 9,700 pledges have been made by B Corps on Do Nation, saving as much carbon as over 10,500 car trips from Bristol to Brighton!

Want to learn more?

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