Quick wins and big impact tips

Your Climate Action Plan for March

At Do Nation we’re busy behind the scenes helping organisations engage their teams in sustainability goals via Earth Hour and B Corp Month.

For everyone else, including those seeking a little inspiration for their next climate action step, we’ve created this Action Plan. It’s full of sustainable tips to try, whether you’re new to sustainability or an experienced pro.

Read on for some very quick tips that can help boost your wellbeing, protect nature, save you some money and reduce your carbon footprint!

All in a day’s work, eh?

Connect with nature

The more we look after the natural world, the more it looks after us.

With World Wildlife Day on 3rd March, Global Recycling Day on the 18th, and International Day of Forests on the 21st there are plenty of good reasons to try something new so you can connect with, and protect, nature.

Very quick wins

  • Change your browser to ecosia, they plant trees while you search. It’s easy and free. Just follow their instructions and pledge Grow trees 🌳 
  • Encourage nature by not mowing your lawn. Read more tips and pledge Let it grow 🌸

Go for a walk

Step up

Ready for a bit of a challenge?

  • See if you can cut unsustainable palm oil from your household shopping. It’s responsible for mass deforestation. Read more tips and pledge Well oiled 🌴
  • Become a recycling ninja. Clear up all confusion about what can be recycled at home with this postcode and item tool. Pledge Tin tin ♻️ then go one step further – pledge Do more 🗣️ – and encourage your friends and colleagues to nail recycling too. 

Switch off and save

It’s Earth Hour on 25th March – a time when people all over the world turn the lights off to raise climate awareness in solidarity. 

Earth hour is fun to be part of, but imagine the personal and planetary impact of the everyday actions that drive longer term impact! Pick one of these ahead of Earth Hour:

Very quick wins

  • Switch off appliances and tech at the plug when not in use, pledge Unplugged 🔌
  • Only light the room you’re in, pledge Lights off 💡
  • Spend 5 mins unsubscribing from all those emails (not ours! 😅) and pledge Mail out 📨

Optimise, optimise, optimise 

A few minutes is all that’s needed to improve energy efficiency and lifespan of your electrical goods & cut electricity bills.

Step up

Already doing the above? 

  • Level up by getting solar panels installed at home or at work and pledge Sun power ☀️ 
  • Talk to your work and ask what they are doing to reduce energy consumption across the board. From PCs and lights off when people aren’t working, to using renewable energy and cutting corporate travel – there’s a whole heap companies can do. And it may just save them some money! Pledge Voice up 🗣️

Whatever steps you take in the next few weeks, know that you’re part of an amazing community making a difference together.

Share photos of your action in action on social media using #mydoaction

About Do Nation

Do Nation works with companies large and small to engage employees in everyday climate action.

We believe that motivated and informed people are the key to unblocking progress on sustainability and net zero, now.

Our mission is to bring communities together to galvanise millions of people take meaningful action on climate change.

How we do it: We use behaviour science + game design to motivate employees to pledge everyday actions that make a lasting difference, while up-skilling them for work in a green economy.

Learn more

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