Beyond Business as Usual: UK B Corporations Engage Employees in Environmental impact for B Corp Month. 

B corps across the UK are unifying their communities around climate action.

To mark this B Corp month this March, a group of B Corporations are embarking on a Do Nation employee engagement programme. For them, this is one way to reflect on why and how B Corps balance profit with purpose. 

Participating B Corps will  run their programmes within their organisations, while also contributing, alongside other B Corps, to the Do Nation2023 B Corp challenge which connects and measures environmental impact across the Global B Corp Community and the UK.

During B Corp month, the timing is significant:

Do Nation programmes can be run at any time of the year, but the decision to begin one now is a poignant reminder of what distinguishes B Corp from other organisations. 

Balancing people, planet and profit means that organisations need to be proactive about their organisational impact on the environment, beyond surface initiatives.

Companies including Leap, DiSRUPT Agency, Articulate Marketing, Standing on Giants, x+why, Micro scooters, Kyero, Vita Coco, English Tea Shop, Centrus advisors and Pukka Herbs have all signed up to Do Nations annual B Corp Challenge. 

As a B Corp itself, the Do Nation challenge includes a bespoke package of support and resources for organisations to run successful employee engagement programmes. 

Balancing Profit with Purpose:

Purpose is a key criteria for B Corps and the talent they tend to attract. By running a climate  employee engagement programme, organisations are demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of their community. This helps their people bridge the gap between climate anxiety and action. This mobilisation for the benefit of the planet is what being a B Corp is about, and fitting for this year’s theme: ‘We go Beyond’. 

Do Nation hosts annual B Corp Pledge challenges and to date, it  has recorded 9,786 pledges over a 5 year period,  saving an annual average of 683,672 kg of carbon. Companies who have participated since it began include Wholegrain Digital, Graze, Innocent Drinks, Ella’s Kitchen, Abel & Cole and B lab UK.   

Speaking of the challenge Hermione Taylor, Do Nation’s CEO said : 

“B Corp month is a great campaign to boost awareness amongst your employees of all the great things you’re doing as a B Corp – and done well, the impact should live on well beyond the month of March itself. 

“We’re thrilled to be helping many B Corps to engage their employees in lasting action, from switching to an ethical bank to buying organic or walking to the shops. Through these simple actions, our goal is to help educate employees on sustainability, helping to unblock the skills gap, allowing you to build a truly regenerative business.”

At the end of March, the impact will be measured across board to show just how much businesses can do to make a difference for their organisations, employees, and the environment.

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