Over 31 tonnes of CO2 pledged in the first month of Do Nation’s B Corp challenge: that’s (391,950) bananas!

B corp employees are putting their actions where the environment is.

To mark this B Corp month this March, 12 UK B Corporations showed the world how they Go Beyond by joining Do Nations B Corp month challenge. This was a dedicated offer for B Corps to run a climate employee engagement programme on the Do Nation platform.

It is one of several ways that B Corps chose to honour and raise awareness about their commitment to balancing people, profit and purpose. Do Nation’s platform provides suggestions of simple, personal actions that individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint and climate shadow. It uses teams to create friendly competition while illustrating how the impact of our actions can add up, when taken together within others in the community. All B Corp employees can view their individual impact, their B Corp’s impact, and how that contributes to the total B Corp community impact.

Pledges raised from diverse sectors.

The 2023 Do Nation B Corp challenge participation was a testament to the diversity of climate passion across the community. Participating organisations ranged from food producers to design and marketing agencies, law firms, and many more. This serves as a reminder that climate enthusiasm can be cultivated in any organisation regardless of its sector.

Together, participating organisations made nearly 1000 pledges, potentially preventing over 31 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere over the coming two months alone. This is equivalent to 907 car trips from Bristol to Brighton, or 121 flights from Glasgow to Madrid. On Do Nation, people commit to trying their action for two months, then they report back and Do Nation measures their impact.  Standing on Giants had the highest average pledges per person with 4.7 pledges, with Leap design agency and DiSRUPT agency as the runners up with 3.9 and 3.7 average pledges per person respectively. Each quarter, companies introduce a new set of actions to their programmes, allowing themed campaigns throughout the year, focusing on themes like energy saving, employee wellbeing, or active travel.

There is always room to go beyond.

Speaking of the challenge Hermione Taylor, Do Nation’s CEO said : 

Working with fellow B Corps always brings me such joy – as leaders in driving purposeful business, they truly understand the importance of walking the talk, and their employees show such energy for playing their part. I’m excited to see how the impact grows over the year – it doesn’t need to end with B Corp Month!

Camilla Frankish, copywriter at participating B Corp Leap,  said:

“Our team have all really ‘gone beyond’ with this challenge. The fact that the Leap crew are an environmentally conscious (and competitive) bunch has certainly made my job running the challenge easier but creating a physical leaderboard in the studio was a winner. It kept the challenge top of mind and encouraged some friendly competition. For me personally, the pledges pushed me to get on with actually DOING some of those things that I know I probably should do some day. It’s been really motivating to know that we’re all making an effort together and our collective impact is so much bigger than what I could do alone!”

At the end of May, all participating employees will be invited to confirm their pledges in order to calculate the true volume of carbon, waste and water savings realised.  At the end of May, the impact will be measured across the board to show just how much businesses can do to make a difference for the environment.

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