What’s on their minds? How to keep your employees reassured in a climate crisis. 

Much to our relief, there is less climate change denial than we had a few years ago. Between 2011 to 2021 in right-leaning newspapers, the ratio of editorials arguing for less climate action to those calling for more has gone from 1:9 to 5:1. Let’s be clear, the environment needs more than dialogue, it needs urgent action. But,  considering the power of the media to shape conversations and help people form opinion; it’s a start.

Enter the doomsday cycle 

While awareness and dialogue help galvanise meaningful action, it can also affect our minds. From an individual perspective, it can feel a little like a constant torrent of negative news about the future of our planet. Depending on your preexisting values and context, this can lead to  climate anxiety, which can be debilitating. 

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A pragmatist’s guide to ditching single-use plastic

Your guide to small actions that can make a big difference for World Environment Day.

World Environment Day is on the 5th of June, with this year’s theme set as ‘solutions to plastic pollution’.

Let’s be honest. Unless you’re living an incredible niche life, avoiding plastic is almost impossible. Most of us would love to reduce the amount of plastic we use – it’s made (from fossil fuels) in a manner that pollutes the atmosphere, and also often ends up polluting our rivers, oceans and land. 

Fully recognising how hard it is, we’ve put together this plan with practical tips for any level of proficiency, to help further wean you off plastic.

Why ditch single-use plastic?

Ditching single-use plastic alone isn’t going to stop the climate crisis, but removing unnecessary plastic from day to day life can:

  • 🌎 reduce your carbon footprint 
  • ☢️ reduce the amount you send to landfill which stops harmful toxins entering our bodies and our environment
  • 💵 save you money
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Over 31 tonnes of CO2 pledged in the first month of Do Nation’s B Corp challenge: that’s (391,950) bananas!

B corp employees are putting their actions where the environment is.

To mark this B Corp month this March, 12 UK B Corporations showed the world how they Go Beyond by joining Do Nations B Corp month challenge. This was a dedicated offer for B Corps to run a climate employee engagement programme on the Do Nation platform.

It is one of several ways that B Corps chose to honour and raise awareness about their commitment to balancing people, profit and purpose. Do Nation’s platform provides suggestions of simple, personal actions that individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint and climate shadow. It uses teams to create friendly competition while illustrating how the impact of our actions can add up, when taken together within others in the community. All B Corp employees can view their individual impact, their B Corp’s impact, and how that contributes to the total B Corp community impact.

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Beyond Business as Usual: UK B Corporations Engage Employees in Environmental impact for B Corp Month. 

B corps across the UK are unifying their communities around climate action.

To mark this B Corp month this March, a group of B Corporations are embarking on a Do Nation employee engagement programme. For them, this is one way to reflect on why and how B Corps balance profit with purpose. 

Participating B Corps will  run their programmes within their organisations, while also contributing, alongside other B Corps, to the Do Nation2023 B Corp challenge which connects and measures environmental impact across the Global B Corp Community and the UK.

During B Corp month, the timing is significant:

Do Nation programmes can be run at any time of the year, but the decision to begin one now is a poignant reminder of what distinguishes B Corp from other organisations. 

Balancing people, planet and profit means that organisations need to be proactive about their organisational impact on the environment, beyond surface initiatives.

Companies including Leap, DiSRUPT Agency, Articulate Marketing, Standing on Giants, x+why, Micro scooters, Kyero, Vita Coco, English Tea Shop, Centrus advisors and Pukka Herbs have all signed up to Do Nations annual B Corp Challenge. 

As a B Corp itself, the Do Nation challenge includes a bespoke package of support and resources for organisations to run successful employee engagement programmes. 

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The Greenprint discussion: multi-industry perspectives on climate employee engagement in 2023 and beyond.

At lunchtime on the 1st of February, Do Nation hosted an engaging conversation on climate employee engagement trends in 2023, using data points from the Greenprint report.

The discussion provided the audience with insight on climate and employee engagement from the various industries and sectors of the panellists.

The conversation was moderated by Flo Parker, a coach and ex-partnerships manager at Futurelearn; and involved Julia Chalmers, head of sustainability at SSE; Nicky Browning B Corp and talent manager at Graze; Paul Lewis, CEO and founder at Seismic; as well as Do Nation’s founder and CEO, Hermione Taylor.

Below we summarise the illuminating points made during the discussion. If you like, you can watch the full recording.

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