The Dunwich Dynamo – A First Timer’s Story

dunwich dynamo

Last Saturday I did an all-nighter, staying up until 10am after an intense night of fun. We’d started the evening in London Fields and the party was huge – roughly 2,000 of us. However, instead of standing in the usual midst of thrift-shop-mannequin hipsters, my fellow comrades were each equipped with energy bars, a helmet, attire varying in degrees of appropriateness, and a bike. Continue reading

Fishing for fitness come rain or shine

running up

The Strongman Run is notoriously tough. Climbing five metre obstacles, swimming through freezing cold pools, running through live electricity cables and wading through mud are just some of the delightful tasks that the lovely FishingForFitness are going to have to contend with. We caught up with them to find out how the training is going. Continue reading