Over 31 tonnes of CO2 pledged in the first month of Do Nation’s B Corp challenge: that’s (391,950) bananas!

B corp employees are putting their actions where the environment is.

To mark this B Corp month this March, 12 UK B Corporations showed the world how they Go Beyond by joining Do Nations B Corp month challenge. This was a dedicated offer for B Corps to run a climate employee engagement programme on the Do Nation platform.

It is one of several ways that B Corps chose to honour and raise awareness about their commitment to balancing people, profit and purpose. Do Nation’s platform provides suggestions of simple, personal actions that individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint and climate shadow. It uses teams to create friendly competition while illustrating how the impact of our actions can add up, when taken together within others in the community. All B Corp employees can view their individual impact, their B Corp’s impact, and how that contributes to the total B Corp community impact.

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Beyond Business as Usual: UK B Corporations Engage Employees in Environmental impact for B Corp Month. 

B corps across the UK are unifying their communities around climate action.

To mark this B Corp month this March, a group of B Corporations are embarking on a Do Nation employee engagement programme. For them, this is one way to reflect on why and how B Corps balance profit with purpose. 

Participating B Corps will  run their programmes within their organisations, while also contributing, alongside other B Corps, to the Do Nation2023 B Corp challenge which connects and measures environmental impact across the Global B Corp Community and the UK.

During B Corp month, the timing is significant:

Do Nation programmes can be run at any time of the year, but the decision to begin one now is a poignant reminder of what distinguishes B Corp from other organisations. 

Balancing people, planet and profit means that organisations need to be proactive about their organisational impact on the environment, beyond surface initiatives.

Companies including Leap, DiSRUPT Agency, Articulate Marketing, Standing on Giants, x+why, Micro scooters, Kyero, Vita Coco, English Tea Shop, Centrus advisors and Pukka Herbs have all signed up to Do Nations annual B Corp Challenge. 

As a B Corp itself, the Do Nation challenge includes a bespoke package of support and resources for organisations to run successful employee engagement programmes. 

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June Action Plan

There is so much to celebrate in June! ✨

We’re focussing in on three of our favourite global environment days:

🚴‍♀️ World Bicycle Day | Friday 3rd June
🌎 World Environment Day | Sunday 5th June
🌊 World Oceans Day | Wednesday 8th June

It’s a busy time, so we’ve put an action plan together for you to make your month simple, and impactful.

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