People Power

Scaling mountains to reach higher impact

In the last few days, several things have set my mind racing. I think there’s something there, and I want to share it, to put my tangle of excited thoughts into words. But I’ll be honest, I’m not sure that I can. Let’s give it a go.

I’ve had my head down and deep into the business for a while now, focusing on developing our team, the website, and our sales pipeline. Making sure that we’re doing everything we can to deliver a solid service, helping our clients to get their employees doing good as easily and effectively as possible. Continue reading

Everything changes but you

Oomph seminars logoThe title of this blog is borrowed from a famous Take That song. Unfortunately, they weren’t really writing about behaviour change, but the title sums up the challenge we face when trying to change our behaviour. With all the internal and external conflicts (even greater than those faced by Take That themselves) pulling against what we know we should do, it often means everything changes but you. Continue reading

Making Sustainable Resolutions for 2015

ditch new years resolutions day I’m barely thinking about Christmas yet so it seems strange to be talking about New Year. But now is a great time to be thinking about resolutions and how they can tie neatly to your personal, work and sustainable living goals. After the Christmas binge we all feel guilty about being unhealthy, the amount we have spent and our effect on the planet and this is why millions of us make resolutions for the upcoming year.

Continue reading