Switching for Good

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Imagine this: you’re given £619* to donate to either a Welsh wind farm or a Saudi oil company. Which you would you rather? How about a Dorsetshire school’s solar panel, or American coal?

If you’re currently buying your home energy from one of the big six energy suppliers, you’re giving your money to companies who’ll invest it in dirty and unsustainable forms of energy.

Why not give your money to companies who are more likely share your values, and invest it in clean, future-proof forms of energy? Continue reading

Three ideas for your New Year’s resolutions

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Yes – I’m adding to the abundance of “new year, new you” blogs. It’d be silly not to, given personal commitments are pretty much our life blood. But I’ll keep it punchy, promise.

Here are three ideas for your new year’s resolutions this year: Continue reading

For a greener future

ecotricity serviceThe last couple of months have been huge for the subjects of energy and climate change. The UN Summit in New York, coinciding with Climate Week led to the Climate March, attended by 300,000 people in London alone. This has led to a big buzz (in the sustainability world) around the subject and a lot of noise being created – but what exactly are we going to do? Continue reading