Crowdfunding: some lessons and tips

coffee 101Since closing our crowdfunding round in December, coffee invites have been endless. Everyone’s asking me for advice and tips on running a successful campaign. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good cuppa – but in the interest of time, my caffeine intake, and to help share my tit bits more widely, I thought a 1-0-1 in crowdfunding might be better than 101 coffees.

So here we go: my top tips or take-homes for running an equity crowdfunding campaign: Continue reading

Investment FAQs


When we first launched Do Nation back in 2011, we were firmly rooted in the non-profit world. So it’s unsurprising that, over the course of our crowdfunding campaign, I’ve received several questions about our new business model. As I outlined in a blog back in July, we’ve taken quite a pivot over the last year, and are now very much a part of the profit for purpose world. We have a solid business model. Continue reading