Doer of the month for June 2012: Peter Burgess, Dunwich Dynamo

Doer of the month June 2012: Peter Burgess,

Our June Doer of the Month is Peter Burgess, who completed the Dunwich Dynamo, cycling 120 miles overnight on June 30th. Last year he pledged Veg Out, and now he’s raising DoAction sponsorship himself – which is what the DoNation is all about.

Peter saved 1,175kg CO2 from 25 pledges

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Doer of the month for April 2012: Team Environment, Four seasons challenge

Doer of the month April 2012: Team Environment,

Our April Doers of the Month are Team Environment Wales. Just one month into their year of challenges, they’ve smashed through April’s Do charts, raising 50 sponsorship pledges already. A pretty neat way to celebrate their 20th birthday. They’re doing a good mix of runs, cycle rides, swims, and hikes all around Wales.

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Doer of the month for March 2012: Nick Soucek, 2000 mile cycle

Doer of the month March 2013: Nick Soucek

Our March Doer of the Month is Nick who is cycling 2000 miles across Australia from Perth to Adelaide. After receiving pledges from over 50 people he has blown his sponsorship target out of the water. You can follow Nick’s progress on his blog here as he continues on this huge ride.

Nick saved 3,801kg CO2 from 71 pledges

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