Wayne’s blinking badges of condemnation

IMG_9250.JPGWayne Talbot is Corporate Relations Manager for the EAUC. In a guest blog, here he shares his story about the pledges he made at the EAUC Conference in May and the impact they’ve had on his habits and attitude. 

What happens when Hermione turns up to your conference? Simple, you end up making a pledge. A pledge to do something that will make a grown person feel virtuous and sustainable and generally good about themselves. Continue reading

New Do Action: Off Peak

washing machine

Last week I discovered that laundry forums not only exist, but that they are filled with people who find the concept of leaving damp clothes sitting in the washer an ‘amusing topic’.

Why, you might ask, was I trawling through the niche depths of the internet? While I may have found it an enlightening insight to people with too much time on their hands, the real purpose was so I could bring you our latest Do Action, Off peak. Continue reading

For a greener future

ecotricity serviceThe last couple of months have been huge for the subjects of energy and climate change. The UN Summit in New York, coinciding with Climate Week led to the Climate March, attended by 300,000 people in London alone. This has led to a big buzz (in the sustainability world) around the subject and a lot of noise being created – but what exactly are we going to do? Continue reading

Sitting down with our pledgers

cyclistWe asked our pledgers to give us the ins and outs on how they’re getting on with their pledges and what advice they would give to others. A special thank you goes out to everyone who participated in our interview! If you have been quietly contemplating about this pledging business, here is our insider’s approach on simple behaviour change. Continue reading