Doer of the month August 2015 – Sophie Cardinal, Running 5k to raise awareness of habits affecting the environment


Our doer of the month for August 2015 is Sophie Cardinal who ran in the 5k in Gosport. We were thrilled that her race went well and that she set a new personal best.

Sophie used Do Nation as she wanted to do a sponsored run but didn’t want to raise money – she wanted to raise actions. Before her challenge she managed to raise 38 pledges – this equates to 4,457 kg CO2 saved in just two months.

That’s the same carbon as is emitted by 9 flights from London to New York by plane.

After her challenge we spoke to Sophie – “Often people feel powerless when it comes to climate change but using Do Nation as a platform for my 5k, really helped to show me, my friends and family how important the little actions are in helping to look after our environment.”

You can see Sophie’s challenge here.

What does it mean to be a doer of the month?

We really like to celebrate our most enthusiastic and inspirational Doers. So each month, we reward our the person or team who collects the most pledges with a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

Could you be the next to scoop the title?

Doer of the month for May 2015: Kim Dowsett, Edinburgh Marathon

Kim Dowsett, Doer of the month May 2015

What better way to celebrate turning 30 than by running 42.2 km? Well that’s what Kim thought before taking on her first ever Marathon up in Edinburgh. She finished with a fab time of 4 hours and 8 minutes. Congrats Kim, consider the Ben & Jerry’s a birthday gift from us!

In support of this challenge, Kim’s friends made 25 pledges on Do Nation, saving 1,228 kgCO2
in the process.

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Doers of the month for October 2014: Lindsey & Paul, We’re Getting Married!

Doers of the month October 2014 Lindsey and Paul

This month in a flurry of pledges and confetti we see our first ever couple winning the Doer of the Month for their wedding. The lovely Lindsey and Paul tied the knot on the 4th October and invited friends and family to trade the traditional gift list for a pledge on Do Nation – congratulations to you both!

Lindsey and Paul saved 1,799 kg COfrom 42 pledges

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Doer of the month for August 2014: Zoe Morrison, A Year of Eco Challenges

Zoe Morrison Doer of the month august 2014

Last year, Zoe set herself a big challenge: to complete a different ‘Eco’ challenge every month for the whole year. Following the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, Zoe switched her lifestyle from ‘green’ to eco-queen. Encouraging friends and family to join her on the journey, she blogs about it all here – it’s inspirational stuff!

Zoe saved 5,723 kg COfrom 41 pledges

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Doer of the month for June 2014: Ed Perrin, Run Hackney Half Marathon

Ed Perrin Doer of the Month June 2014

This month’s top Doer is Ed Perrin who accidentally found himself running the Run Hackney half marathon after his wife sneakily signed him up! He still did a splendid job training and raising pledges though – even managing to persuade four separate friends to switch their energy supplier to a greener one. Good on yer Ed!

Ed saved 3,481 kg CO2 from 48 pledges

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Doer of the month for May 2014: Clarissa Widya, Edinburgh Marathon

doer of the month May 2014: Clarissa Widya

After years of running halves, Clarissa decided to go all out by running the Edinburgh marathon. Working through a dodgy knee, and lack of music Clarissa was able to beat her set time of 5 hours comfortably, as well as getting over double the amount of target pledges! At the last minute she bagged an extra 20 pledges, securing herself a years supply of ice cream.

Clarissa saved 2,311kg CO2 from 65 pledges

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Doer of the month for April 2014: Llorenc Mila i Canals, Paris Marathon

Doer of the month April 2014: Llorenc

This was Llorenc’s first ever marathon and he found it tough – but ultimately came out on top with a year’s supply of ice cream. Having promised his sponsors he’d make 10 pledges himself if he reached his target, the tables have turned and Llorenc is now Walking on, Stepping Up and Driving smartly amongst other things! Way to lead the change Llorenc!

Llorenc saved 4,672kg COfrom 79 pledges

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Doer of the month for March 2014: Eliott Nally, Brutal10

Doer of the month March 2014: Eliott Nally

The competition was most definitely on this month with Freya, David and Eliott battling it out for the title of Doer of the month. Eliott finally came out on top after sharing photos of his spectacularly muddy run with friends and family. Looks like his entire office also got involved with hopes of digging into some of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Enjoy!

Eliott saved 2,344kg COfrom 92 pledges

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Doer of the month for January 2014: Sinead Brophy, Halfway to One Hundred

Doer of the month January 2014: Sinead Brophy,

Sinead is hitting the big 50 this year so she decided to make it a year of doing challenges: mud runs, triathlons and bike rides galore. She started it off in full swing with 10k on a very wet and windy New Years Day, completing it in a fantastic 55 minutes and 16 seconds. You can follow her ‘Halfway to One Hundredchallenge blog here. We have a feeling this wont be the last we hear of Sinead!

Sinead saved 1,344kg CO2 from 35 pledges

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