Our 1,500 mile cycle tour to explore France’s stadiums, sustainability and social enterprises

Andy Smith is doing BikeSocial  Le Tour des Stades on Do Nation

In December 2015, Andy Smith & Annie Glennie joined the Do Nation team and 40 other people to cycle from London to Paris with Climate Kilometre, raising support from friends and family through pledges on Do Nation.

Now, Andy explains why they’re both about to set off on another French adventure, this time a whopping 1,500 mile cycle tour to explore the stadiums, sustainability and social enterprises (& cheese!) in each Euro2016 host city.

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Ten tips to run a green week that delivers real impact

Ten tips to run a green week that delivers real impact-1.png

At the beginning of March we hosted a breakfast event at the wonderful Popup Patio, sharing our ten tips to help maximise the impact of your company’s sustainability week.

We were encouraged by the response to the event and, following the success of our behaviour change report, have written up our presentation into a new report sharing our tops tips to help your green week deliver real, lasting change.

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Four ways you can join Water Saving Week 2016 with Do Nation

water stock trimmed.png

It’s Water Saving Week 2016 and this seems like a good time to remind you living sustainably isn’t just about saving carbon. Did you know that in the UK we now use 70% more water per person per day now than forty years ago?

With the exception of Belgium and Cyprus, the UK has less water available per person than any other EU country. Even more surprising – the south east of England has less water per capita than the Sudan or Syria.

So here’s a few ideas of things you could pledge to save some water and look after our planet, we suggest you support Martin’s campaign to carbon match his trip to Budapest (he’s promised to write us a blog about his train odyssey), but you could donate your pledge to any public campaign you like.

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Why small actions matter in the battle against climate change

The Paris Agreement was a momentous landmark achievement, there’s little dispute over that. But it alone won’t solve the climate crisis, the 2°C (or even 1.5°C) target is still a long way off. That is even less disputed.

But one thing’s clear: if we’re to get there, it’s going to take us all.

We all need to act.

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Doers of the month for December 2015 – Libby Peake and Heather Mack, cycling to Paris for COP21

This is a bit of an extra special Doer of the month blog for us, as not only do we have two users (one rolled over from November), but they were also two of the cyclists who joined us on our London to Paris ride for COP21.

Libby Peake and Heather Mack raised an impressive 45 and 48 pledges respectively saving a potential 6 and a half tons of CO₂. Way to go!

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The bumpy road to Paris



The road to Paris, they say, was a bumpy one – for me, slightly too literally for my liking. After months of anticipation and planning for our cycle to Paris for COP21, and a morning of fantastic riding through the hills of East Sussex under crisp winter sun, I hit the bumps. Pothole after pothole, in the dark, and I was on the ground. My ride was over, my collar bone broken.

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Do Nation, award winners at the BusinessGreen Technology Awards!


Do Nation, award winners at the Business Green Technology Awards!

We’re thrilled to have been named app of the year at the inaugural BusinessGreen technology awards last week. So a massive thank you to our clients, supporters and every person who has made a pledge or taken on a challenge.

This is what BusinessGreen had to say about why they picked us:

The judges were hugely impressed by the Do Nation’s innovative approach to drive green behaviour change, as well as its harnessing of gamification principles and social media to deliver real world reductions in users environmental impacts.

See all the categories and award winners here.