Green Week or Green Wash? How to make the most of your campaign.


Events from Earth Hour to World Environment Day, Health & Wellbeing Week to Fairtrade Fortnight all offer great opportunities to engage your staff in sustainability. But while some set the office a-buzz with conversations about sustainability, others fizzle out with no impact on attitudes or behaviours.

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Holding out for a hero: Choosing superheroes to lead your green teams

DoNation team hero

Following the wise words of Bonnie Tyler, sometimes we just need a hero. And environmental initiatives in the workplace are no exception.

Through Do Nation programs we’ve run with clients, we’ve found that one important success factor is having great leaders, championing the programme within their teams and leading them to success.

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Introducing the “How To Nation”

morter board hermioneLearning is a good thing. We all like to learn.

Thankfully we’re learning all the time here at Do Nation – learning from our clients and our users as much as anything.  Whether it’s how to run a good employee engagement programme, how to choose the right green team leaders, or how to keep momentum rolling over time, we thrive on the tips that we pick up along the way. Continue reading