Holding out for a hero: Choosing superheroes to lead your green teams

DoNation team hero

Following the wise words of Bonnie Tyler, sometimes we just need a hero. And environmental initiatives in the workplace are no exception.

Through Do Nation programs we’ve run with clients, we’ve found that one important success factor is having great leaders, championing the programme within their teams and leading them to success.

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Embedding a culture of sustainability – ERM and Do Nation

Oxford United team page on Do Nation

ERM used Do Nation to engage their employees in team based competition, challenging staff to make pledges to try new environmentally friendly behaviours for two months.

55% of employees took part, with 41% saying it made them more aware and proud of what their company was doing to tackle sustainability and over ⅓ feeling part of a community who were making a difference together.

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Especially for you, Universities.

We know many of you in university sustainability teams are busy bees finalising your plans for the next academic year, but we just wanted to suggest you pause and think about one short question: If you’re planning to use behaviour change to help meet your environmental objectives, how do you plan to track and measure the impact?

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Ten tips on behaviour change – keeping it brief


Last month, I hosted a session for Bristol Big Green Week where I covered ten tips for running a successful behaviour change campaign. It was a big success (I think).

I had been pretty nervous that people would regret getting out of bed early only to hear me rambling through a list of things that were second nature to them. But thankfully, I think my fears were unfounded. It seemed that people found the tips genuinely useful (and, at times, even a little amusing).

So I asked Nick to write them up into a quick blog that we could share out later that day.

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Five lessons we learnt at LearnFest

Rich and friends at learnfest

A couple of weeks ago, Rich and I packed our bags and headed off to a festival, ahem, conference, like no other: LearnFest.

Three days of learning and adventuring on the banks of Lake Windermere was a recipe for fun – especially when you throw in the seriously diverse group of people we were with, ranging from bankers and car-makers to reggae teachers and mountain climbers.

Here are a few things we took from it…

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Interview with two wonderful doers – Bianca Li and Nick Dudley.


People are at the heart of what we do, the focus of our work is to help them to make the small sustainable lifestyle changes that don’t just cut carbon, but also lead to happier, healthier lives.

So let’s meet some, Bianca made her pledges for the University of Central Lancashire’s program, while Nick made his pledges for the University of Chester, I sat down to ask them a couple of questions about their experiences using Do Nation.

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Moving home

Screen shot of our new home page

It’s all change here at Do Nation: a new web address, a new home page, a new Chief Doer – and a new blog.

Today, we moved to a new home, a home that will soon unite our two halves, pulling together the work we do with businesses, charities and universities with the original site raising sponsorship for personal challenges through actions.

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The story of the University of Chester and Do Nation

Green Chester logo

Changing behaviour is a tricky subject. Universities know that engaging both their students and their staff around sustainability is good for the bottom line as well as being great for the environment, but making it fun instead of preachy can be difficult. Over the last five years we’ve learned that the secret to making a big impact isn’t grand gestures – it’s small, daily, habit-forming lifestyle changes. We’ve been putting this knowledge to use with the University of Chester for the last two years helping to engage their students in a fun and open way. Continue reading