Roberta and Pete’s wedding pledges

Eardland Wedding - Colour - 026

Roberta & Pete Eardland, a sustainability consultant and ocean scientist, respectively, tied the knot last month – but that’s not all we need to congratulate them on!

They also earned the title of Doer of the Month thanks to their friend’s generous ‘wedding pledges’, together pledging to save almost 5 tonnes of carbon. I caught up with Roberta to find out more…

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Doers of the month for October 2014: Lindsey & Paul, We’re Getting Married!

Doers of the month October 2014 Lindsey and Paul

This month in a flurry of pledges and confetti we see our first ever couple winning the Doer of the Month for their wedding. The lovely Lindsey and Paul tied the knot on the 4th October and invited friends and family to trade the traditional gift list for a pledge on Do Nation – congratulations to you both!

Lindsey and Paul saved 1,799 kg COfrom 42 pledges

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