Polar Bear Pitching

polar bear pitch 2015Despite being a tech startup based in the heart of Shoreditch we have never really thought of ourselves as being “cool”. However in a weeks’ time we will be pitching our business in the “coolest competition in the world”. But alas this isn’t due to all the trendy types in the area rubbing off on us and therefore a rise in our social status, no no no. We are instead pitching in a hole cut in the ice! In Finland! In freezing cold water! In front of investors! While also being filmed and broadcast to the audiences all over the world!!

Why would we want to put ourselves through this torture you may ask? Well we don’t. That’s why instead a nice (and somewhat crazy) reporter from The Guardian is doing it for us – thanks Matthew!

This is the second year this event has taken place and despite still not being clear just why, it seems to have been a huge success with over 60% of the startups that pitched last year getting finance and achieving notable success. So let’s hope that Matthew can do us proud, adding to our recent crowdfunding success and really put the icing on the cake (sorry I couldn’t resist).

The event is taking place on the Oulujoki River in Oulu in Northern Finland on the 25th February so do check it out if you somehow happen to be near. If however you are in the relative warmth of the UK (or elsewhere in the world), you can also view the live stream here at 12pm to 2pm UK time.

polar bear pitching

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