Interview with a Doer: Kerry

kerry olympic park run

Last weekend, Kerry Linde, a consultant from East London, ran in The Big Lottery Olympic Park 5 mile race – meaning she was one of the first to run across the Olympic finish line, alongside the likes of Princess Beatrice and Mel C.

We caught up with her to hear about how the run and her Do sponsorship went.

So, how did it go? 

I have lived and run in East London for years so it was very exciting to be in the first race over the Olympic Stadium finish line. The weather was pretty chilly but the atmosphere and thrill of running in a big stadium more than made up for it. I didn’t manage a personal best but I was pretty happy with my time of 38.33 minutes.

Why did you decide to raise sponsorship through The DoNation?

I race pretty regularly and you can’t keep asking people for money, The DoNaton is a perfect solution and is linked to things I care about – our planet and our health.

How did your friends respond to your request? 

I was really pleased with the genuine changes friends were making and my two sponsors from the USA. Here are a few quotes:

pledges for Kerry Linde

Another friend texted me the other day to say she was boiling eggs for her daily snack as part of her ‘do diet’ sponsorship

How did it make you feel? 

Absolutely spurred me on, when you are flagging in the race thinking about the sponsorship and that people might try harder with their DoActions if I tried harder with my time was a real motivating force.

Are there any top tips you’d share with someone else raising sponsorship?

Ask for sponsorship several times and in several different ways, e.g. email and Facebook.

Thanks Kerry – and congratulations!

You can still sponsor Kerry for her Olympic Park Run – go on, Do it!

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