A seasonal feast

cutting rhubarb

We knocked down the idea of a local, seasonal lunch pretty quickly when we first suggested it – March didn’t seem like a great time to try and inspire people to eat with the seasons. With the stores of autumn crops waning and the spring harvest yet to come, the earth isn’t at its richest right now.

But us girls at The DoNation like a challege, so it wasn’t long before we’d picked the idea up again and launched it out into the office. We wanted to do something (other than our pledge competition) for Climate Week, and love a good communal meal.

The Do HQ is situated in the lovely Bathtub2Boardroom offices, shared with 30 others working on fun startups and creative projects. A hot bed for ideas sharing and collaboration, but also a hive of very busy and pressured people who’s number one priority really isn’t checking the origins and seasonality of their beetroot.

So when we suggested a big communal lunch where everyone brings something British and seasonal to share, we didn’t expect a huge take up.

Yesterday proved us wrong.

It turned out to be one of the ‘tub’s biggest and most succulent feasts yet, with an amazing turnout and an even more amazing range of dishes – from broccoli salad to primal soup to stewed rhubarb and ginger. Yum.

(Our cabbage and carrot soup was less than inspiring though!)

Yes, even in March there are some truly tasty treats out there.

If you have been inspired to try eating with the seasons, why not make a pledge to Do ‘Eat Seasonably’ for Climate Week, and be in for a chance to win a Solar DAB Radio?

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