What’s new on Do Nation this month?

Impact Stats Business Dashboard

What’s new on Do Nation this month?

July has been a bumper month for new features on Do Nation, with our CTO Martin launching what he’s christened the ‘mega release’.

Reporting Dashboards

You love data. We have data. We’re now sharing that data.

Our shiny new reporting dashboards give you the ability to track the progress and impact of your program in real time.

The first page shows when pledges were made – a useful tool when working out how momentum is building and which internal comms or events have been most effective in driving pledges.

Bar chart of pledges made by day

The second page of the dashboards shares data on how many pledgers have come back at the end of the two months to share how they did. This page also lets you see how many pledges were successfully completed.

Pledge Confirms Business Dashboard

Third on the dashboards you’ll find our fun stats, these put the impact of your program into more tangible terms. These can help people to feel like part of a community doing something good.

Impact Stats Business Dashboard

Last you can explore which Do Actions have been pledged as well as how much CO₂ is pledged in total for each. It might surprise you to see which has had the biggest impact and helps to show the impact of the all the small actions taken as part of the program.

DoAction totals

Waste and water metrics

We’re now introducing waste and water savings for our Do Actions into our reporting, to complement our existing measurement of CO₂ saved.

Keep an eye out for reporting on these heading to your pages soon.


Keeping programs fresh is fundamental.

Rounds allow you to split your program into focused bursts, regularly resetting the leaderboard and focus of the Do Actions.

This means all is not lost if your team gets off to a slow start. When the new round starts you can get pledging and your team will soon be storming to the top of the leaderboard – it’s proving to be a powerful tool to keep that competitive spirit going for the long term.

Coming soon…

If that doesn’t seem like a lot, watch out for some of these coming soon:

  • Assigned users – allowing you to pre-create user accounts for your employees, vastly improving their user experience.
  • Shiny new Do Action pages (and more Do Actions).
  • More fun stats to bring your impact to life.

That’s all for this month Do let us know what you think of our improvements and what you’d like to see next.
If you have any questions you can get in contact with us here.

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