How to choose fair trade products and services

Mmmmm… chocolate

Did you know the average Brit eats 7,560 chocolate bars in a lifetime? Did you also know that the average female coca farmer is paid just 23p a day

Time for a change, eh?
Whether it’s Fairtrade fornight, or you just need some more tea bags, fair trade and ethical products are widely available.

To help you navigate your way towards a kinder shopping basket, here’s our round up of fair trading certifications.  

Look for ethical and fair trade certifications

Shop small and ask
Support your local community of independent business owners where you can. Small suppliers may not be able to afford certification, even if their business practices are sound. Just ask them how they do business, they’re often keen to share their efforts.

Fairtrade certified products are sold in over 80 countries, and include many of our favourite things, such as chocolate, tea, coffee, cotton, avocados, bananas, blueberries, ice cream and even gold!

B Corp
The B Corp certification is to businesses what Fairtrade is to products. It requires businesses to meet higher standards of social and environmental performance across the board, leading the way in making business a force for good. Some leading B Corps include The Body Shop, Pukka Herbs, Ben & Jerry’s, and Method. Browse the full B Corp directory.

Rainforest Alliance Certified
Products bearing the Rainforest Alliance’s frog certification have met their standards for social, environmental and economic sustainability. From tea to tissues, hotels to roses, find Rainforest Alliance Certified products.

Fair Wild
Not just fair trade, with more and more foraged and wild ingredients hitting our shop shelves, Fair Wild protects these resources. It ensures sustainability for wild plants, and protection for those who collect and trade in them. Check out what you can do for the wild plants that we use every day.

Fair for Life
Although less well known that some of the other fair trade certifications, Fair for Life is no less thorough. To certify, every organisation in a product’s supply chain must meet their fair standards, from farm to sales team, no matter where in the world they are.

Ethical certification logos
Some of our favourite ethical certifications

Other ethical and environmental certifications

When looking at the wider environmental impact of the products you’re buying, here are some other good labels to look out for:

Pledge to shop more fairly

Ready to flex your kind pennies next time you shop?

Pledge to shop fairly on Do Nation and we’ll help keep you on track.

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