Waste Less, Live More


What could you do for Waste Less Live More week?

Being resourceful at home, watching what you buy and monitoring your energy use is a bit easier when you’re paying the energy bills. But what about when you’re at work?

How can we encourage employees to be resourceful at work and stick to good sustainability habits? In fact, how can we encourage people to take up more sustainable habits in the first place?!

The DoNation is a platform where people can make, measure and share personal pledges. For Waste Less, Live More week we’re encouraging businesses to use our Do Good for Business platform to get employees making resourceful pledges – from wasting less food and printing double-sided to recycling and sharing with their neighbours.  And as a special treat, we’re offering any business that signs up before the end of a September 10% discount.

Employees make their pledges throughout the week and then do them for two months – trying out a couple of lifestyle changes to see if it suits them. We then measure the impact and produce a report on each company’s achievements – what were the most popular pledges? Which were the most successful?  Which saved the most carbon?

Our platform is perfect for collecting green pledges for environment days and green weeks – giving a longer lasting impact to these events. We’d love to see how much action we can create!

Drop Richard a line if you’re interested in finding out more at Richard@WeAreDoNation.com.

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