Mad for Metrics: water, waste, and carbon made fun

water swimming pools 16 9

A big focus for us in Do HQ over the last few months is improving the way we both report on the impact your supporters create and how we help you communicate it.

To this end we’ve got two exciting new features to share with you.

New metrics

Up until this year, our reporting on pledges has focused on carbon. But carbon is just part of the story – and often quite a small part. Taking shorter showers is more about saving water than carbon; recycling is more about reducing waste.

So this is the case no more, we’ve added in measurement for waste and water saved by Do Actions like Tin tin or Shower power. We’ll now report on these in both dashboards and client reports so you can see an even wider picture of the impact made by your employees’ pledges.

As our impact report showed, the benefits of behaviour change aren’t restricted to water, waste and carbon, by no means. We hope to start integrating more metrics into the system over time; watch this space.

Waste Giraffe 16 9

Fun Stat Generator

If you combine carbon and stats, can you really get ‘fun’? Well, we’re hoping that our new Fun Stat Generator will make that unlikely possibility a reality.

For years people have enjoyed how we’ve translated carbon savings into bananas or car tips from London – Timbuktu, it makes the intangible tangible, the dull and eye-catching. So as of this month anyone can use our stat generator to work out their own carbon equivalents – just pop a carbon value in, pick a stat, download and share.

Start the fun

We’d love to hear your feedback and examples of how you’ve used it so please share with us on social media.

Fun stat gen

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