Guest blog: Pukka Herbs show how business can be the change


This is a guest blog by Vicky Murray (above, left) at Pukka Herbs, about how Pukka are using Do Nation to engage their staff in sustainability.

Did you know that over 32 million litres of water are boiled every day in the UK only to go cold again?  This year at Pukka we’ve become a certified B Corp – committing as a company to ‘Be the Change we want to see in the world’.  With this powerful Ghandi quote at the front of our minds, the Pukka team have signed up with Do Nation, and committed to collectively saving 500,000 cups of tea worth of carbon over the next year through employees’ personal actions.

Climate change is an ever present danger and at Pukka we know that we can’t grow our healing herbs on a sick planet. Climate scientists are sounding the alarm about the rate of global temperature rises and climate change.  But we all know that fear doesn’t drive positive change, hope and action do.  So we’re going for it and starting where we all easily can – with ourselves.  Pukka became Carbon Neutral in our operations back in 2015, so we’re looking at how we can all take this ethos into our daily lives – whether at work or at home.  Because where carbon is concerned, every saving helps and small actions all add up.

The Pukka Herbs Do Nation leaderboard

As everyone loves a bit of healthy competition (especially our finance & IT teams) we’ve created a Pukka leaderboard.  And for anyone here who needs that extra motivator we have developed staff incentives with some of our favourite partners – including Good Energy and The Community Farm’s veg box scheme – that link directly to pledges like switching bills to renewable energy or to eating seasonably.

What’s more, Pukka people also have been encouraged to include pledging to at least 3 Do Actions as part of our annual appraisals – further incentivised by the promise of a 0.5% increase in our end of year bonus if we hit our target.

Do Nation do the clever carbon calculations so you can see a running total on our Pukka page. Wish us luck!

And, all being well, we’re talking to Do Nation about how to turn our company campaign into a customer facing challenge.  We know from industry carbon footprinting that our biggest carbon impact (around 65%) is from people boiling their kettles to enjoy our tea. So we are looking for ways to inspire our million customers a day from around the world to get involved too!

The Pukka Herbs team

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