Case study: Pukka Herbs’ employee pledge challenge

pukka-shelf-campaign-english croppedI often think we ought to prepare case studies for more of our client programmes here at Do Nation – there are so many great stories of impact and engagement to share. But in reality, there just isn’t the time. Delivering the service has got to come first.

But Pukka’s programme was one that I couldn’t let slip by unnoticed. Download the case study here.

It began late afternoon one Monday back in September 2016, when I got a call from Vicky Murray, Sustainability Manager at Pukka Herbs – she wanted to launch a company-wide pledge challenge on Do Nation – that Friday. Would that be possible?

Pukka were hosting a company away day where they were due to announce their B Corp certification, demonstrating how Pukka was ‘being the change’ on a business level. Vicky was keen to make sure that their team of 110 staff felt a part of this by giving them simple ways to be the change on their own personal level.

And so, four days later, they launched a team competition on Do Nation, inviting colleagues to record pledges and see which team could save the most carbon through their new, sustainable behaviours.

Thanks to a creative range of tactics, including team leader training, B Corp prizes, and bonus-incentives, 93 of their staff recorded pledges over the year.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 16.05.13

Together, through the pledges that they confirmed they’d completed, their staff saved 93 tonnes of carbon – as much carbon as is emitted by making 4.4 million cups of tea. What’s more, two thirds of participants said it made them feel part of a community making a difference together, and 78% said it made them more proud of Pukka’s sustainability work.

It improved general sustainability literacy amongst the company, helping to pave the way for setting science based targets. It also led to a partnership around our Tea time Do Action, with Pukka’s sponsorship helping us to encourage consumer behaviour change around kettle boiling habits.

As a result of the programme’s success, Pukka picked up the employee engagement title at the TravelWest Awards and were finalists in the Employee Engagement category at the Edie Sustainability Leaders awards 2018.

They also inspired us to certify as a B Corp ourselves, and helped us to become an official recipient organisation of 1% for the Planet.

For us though, the biggest impact has been through the 17 other B Corps that have followed suit – including Ella’s Kitchen, Triodos Bank, and COOK, and Ecover.

To read the full story, download the case study here.  

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