New Do Actions: Delving into personal development

New Do Actions: Voice up, Feed your noodle, Get outta here, and Watch, listen, and learn.
Our four new Do Actions: Voice up, Feed your noodle, Get outta here, and Watch, listen, and learn.

Today sees the launch of four new Do Actions with an interesting twist, developed in partnership with our client Hill + Knowlton.

At first glance, they may look like a sideways leap into an unconnected world of personal development. But here are three reasons why I am excited about how these pledges can contribute to our mission of making sustainable living mainstream:

1. Sustainability isn’t just about the environment

Ever since reading Jonathon Porritt’s ‘Capitalism as if the World Matters’, I’ve subscribed to the ‘five capitals’ view of sustainability – striving to find a healthy balance of natural, social, human, manufactured, and financial capital. After all, what’s the good in building a healthy planet if we destroy our own health and society in the process?

In the early days of Do Nation, our Do Actions focused on a fairly carbon-centric corner of sustainability – Clean your bills, Veg out, and Lag your loft etc. Each and every action had a measurable carbon saving.

Over the years, we’ve introduced actions supporting the environment in a broader sense (things like Fish food and Well oiled) and actions with a strong health focus (Run in, Sweet temptations and Lose your bottle etc.).

When Hill+Knowlton asked us if we could add some pledges like Feed your noodle (read more books and blogs around your profession) and Voice up (write blogs or give a presentation to your team), it felt like the right time to delve deeper into this world of human capital.

2. Knowledge drives wellbeing

Improving wellbeing has always been super important to us. Climate change, obesity, and mental health are some of the biggest challenges of our times and they’re more closely intertwined than many realise.

67% of our users say they have improved their wellbeing as a result of their pledge; this is often a big motivator for people keeping their pledged action up. Personal wellbeing offers a direct and tangible driver for action – a stark contrast to the nebulous global issue of climate change.

Learning new skills and building knowledge around your job helps to create a sense of achievement, pride, fulfillment, and belonging; What Works Wellbeing are showing how this can in turn lead to greater staff wellbeing.

So I’m hopeful that these new actions should help us to drive even greater impact in the wellbeing department; I’ll be watching our impact data roll in with great anticipation.

Voice up: share and discuss ideas with colleagues to improve knowledge and wellbeing

3. Influencing transformational changes

Our Doer’s pledges are the first step on a journey to greater change. In my TEDx on the power of small actions I covered a few examples of the knock-on impacts of small actions, including Paul who’s decision to cycle to work one day ultimately led him to change his career entirely.

Through these new Do Actions we can fast track this, directly encouraging people to learn about ways their industry could drive purpose and sustainability. By attending more events, watching TED talks, and discussing ideas with colleagues, ideas will be shared and could ultimately lead to innovations in products, services, and entire industries.

The potential impact is transformational.

So – which of these actions will you be pledging to do? Create your campaign now to encourage your staff to join the game this year and make their own pledges.

* These actions are only available on Do Nation Pro subscriptions.

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